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  All Baptist Churches in Illinois
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Church Name CityStatePastor's Name
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Garden Hills Baptist Church ChampaignILUnknown
Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Chr ChampaignILUnknown
Salem Baptist Church ChampaignILUnknown
Temple Baptist Church ChampaignILUnknown
First Baptist Church ChannahonILUnknown
Calvary Baptist Church CharlestonILMike Loy
Chatham Baptist Church ChathamILUnknown
Ambassador Baptist Church ChathamILRalph Irmler
Calvary Baptist Church ChatsworthILThomas Cain

Chenoa Baptist Church ChenoaILUnknown
Shiloh Baptist Church ChicagoILDr Kennith Atkison
Abundant Love Baptist Church ChicagoILJohn Martin
First Baptist Church ChicagoILBob Hughes
First Roseland Baptist Church ChicagoILJoe Campbell
Garfield Ridge Baptist Church ChicagoILCurtis Teesdale
Iglesia Bautista Biblia ChicagoILRick Olivera
Maplewood Bible Baptist Church ChicagoILTom Brennan
Mission Independent Baptist Church ChicagoILEdward Fort
Prairie Ave. Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
Chicago Bible Baptist Church ChicagoILSteven Ku
New Eden Evangelical Baptist Church ChicagoILLampton Liddell
West Lawn Baptist Church ChicagoILDavid Meece
58th Ave Baptist Church ChicagoILDennis Karrow
Calvary Bible Baptist Church ChicagoILKenneth Seremak
Ravenswood Baptist Church ChicagoILDr. Phil Stringer
Providence Missionary Baptist ChicagoILRev. William Foster
Greater St. John Baptist Church ChicagoILIra Acree
Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church ChicagoILAl Lloyd
Ravenswood Baptist Church ChicagoILDr. Phil Stringer

Acme Missionary Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
Antioch Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
Antioch Missionary Baptist Chr ChicagoILDr. Gerald M. Dew
Armitage Baptist Church ChicagoILCharles Lyons
Baptist Church Without Wrinkle ChicagoILUnknown
Beautiful Zion Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
Bellevue Baptist Church ChicagoILDr. Lucious Fullwoood
Beth Eden Baptist Church ChicagoILRev. Dr. Craig M. Jenkins
Bethany Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
Bethlehem Star Mb Church ChicagoILUnknown
Bread Of Life Missionary Bapt ChicagoILUnknown
Burnside Community Baptist Chr ChicagoILUnknown
Calvary Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
Calvary Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
Canaan Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
Canaan Missionary Baptist Chr ChicagoILUnknown
Centennial Mb Church ChicagoILUnknown
Central Memorial Missionary ChicagoILUnknown
Christian Greater Rock Baptist ChicagoILUnknown
Christian Tabernacle Baptist ChicagoILUnknown
Christian Youth Mb Church ChicagoILUnknown
Concord Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
Cornelia Avenue Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
Douglas Park Baptist Church ChicagoILRev. Daryl L. Mcdonald
Elim Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
Emmanuel Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
Evening Star Missionary Baptist Church ChicagoILBishop Vesta Lewis Dixon
Evening Star Mb Church ChicagoILUnknown
Faith Tabernacle Baptist Chr ChicagoILUnknown
Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church ChicagoILPastor Charles Jenkins
First Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
First Corinthian Baptist Chr ChicagoILUnknown
First Corinthians Baptist Chr ChicagoILUnknown
First Paradise Missionary Bapt ChicagoILUnknown
First Unity Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
Friendship Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
Garfield Park Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
Gethsemane Garden Missionary Baptist Church ChicagoILRev. Sean L. Williams
Good Hope Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
Good Hope Free Will Baptist ChicagoILUnknown
Gospel Truth Missonary Baptist ChicagoILUnknown
Great True Vine Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
Greater Bethesda Baptist Chr ChicagoILUnknown
Greater Bethlehem Baptist Chr ChicagoILUnknown
Greater Canaan Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
Greater First Baptist M. B. Church ChicagoILThomas D. Evans Sr.
Greater Gallilee Baptist Chr ChicagoILUnknown
Greater Garfield Park Baptist ChicagoILUnknown
Greater Love Missionary ChicagoILUnknown
Greater Mt Hebron Baptist Chr ChicagoILUnknown
Greater Mt Pleasant Mb Church ChicagoILUnknown
Greater New Mt Eagle Baptist ChicagoILUnknown
Greater Open Door Baptist Chr ChicagoILUnknown
Greater Peters Rock Missionary ChicagoILUnknown
Greater Progressive Baptist ChicagoILUnknown
Greater Revelation Mb Church ChicagoILUnknown
Greater Rock Missionary Bapt ChicagoILUnknown
Greater Salem Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
Greater Whitestone Mb Church ChicagoILUnknown
Haven Of Rest Missionary Bapt ChicagoILUnknown
Hermon Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
High Mountain ChicagoILUnknown
Holy Angels Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
Holy Trinity Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
Home Of Life Mb Church ChicagoILUnknown
Hopewell Missionary Bapt Chr ChicagoILUnknown
Hyde Park Union Church ChicagoILUnknown
Jordan Temple ChicagoILUnknown
Joshua Missionary Baptist Chr ChicagoILUnknown
Lake Shore Baptist Church ChicagoILUnknown
New Landmark Baptist Missionary Baptist Church ChicagoILCy Fields
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